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Tucson Classic Cars

The Tucson Auto Museum

See one of Tucson's hidden gems: a spectacular classic auto collection in pristine collection and maintained. Get information on visiting, pricing, membership and more!

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Tucson Classic Events

Tucson Event Venue

We have the perfect event venue for just about any occasion. Hold your event among the classic and iconic cars in our showroom along with complete catering and more.

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Welcome to the Tucson Auto Museum

Tucson Auto Museum drives traffic to the intersection of education, preservation, and simple enjoyment of the history and wide variety of American and foreign automobiles. With a substantial collection of iconic, rare, unique, and exotic vehicles. It is a venue for enthusiasts as well as those who did not yet realize that they are car people to appreciate over a century of automotive evolution/innovation. We want to rev up your enjoyment of our rolling art museum!

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We always have between 65 and 75 classic, iconic and unique autos inside our 20,000+ square foot facility—plus lots of interesting automobilia like signs and gas pumps from yesteryear.

This is a “living” museum; all of our cars run and are roadworthy. We take them out to shows regularly. Bring your family and your camera and join us for some interesting and fun times!