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1955 Jeep CJ5

1955 Jeep CJ5


The 1950s saw the rise of the recreation vehicle, as well as engineering superiority. Grass-roots enthusiasts helped launch Jeep® Jamborees and took the original freedom machine to new heights in sales thanks to seven unique models.

The M-38A1, also known as the MD, the design would later be the foundation for the classic CJ-5. The M-38A1 featured a two-piece windshield, longer wheelbase, softer ride, more powerful engine, and new, more rounded body. The “round-fender” Jeep® Brand vehicle would eventually become the foundation for the CJ-5. The M-38A1 was one of the most enduring military Jeep Brand vehicles. Some called it the last “true” military Jeep vehicle.

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