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1966 Ford Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang


Ahhh! Cruising in a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible in the sunshine with the top down on a perfect sunny day. Does life get any better than that?

Ford's classic Mustang convertible epitomizes the definition of an icon.
Now you may find someone who prefers a different year or make, but it's hard to find anyone, seeing a nice clean 66 convertible and saying anything other than that's a great car.

There were not many changes to the already popular overall specifications and styling as compared to some other versions of the pony car, which can make the 1966 Ford Mustang convertible somewhat difficult to identify at first glance their differences from the first 1965 convertibles.

For instance, where on a 1966 coupe, the original chromed side intake "comb" changed into a 3-prong unit, the 1966 Ford Mustang convertible cars, like the fastback models, did not feature a chrome "comb" in either the 1965 or 1966 models.
One of the easiest ways to identify the '66 models from the front is the change in the front grille. 1965 cars featured a blue-grey honeycomb mesh grille, while the 1966 Mustangs made their debut with a new horizontal slat design.

The 1966 convertible, like its 1965 Mustang predecessor was an instant hit, selling 56,409 cars as a standard convertible, 12,520 units as a "luxury" option and another 3,190 cars as one of the rare 1966 cars with a bench seat option instead of the standard two bucket seats.

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